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      Thai food the?way you’ll find it in Thailand!

      Eatingthaifood.com started as a blog to share with you Thai food tips and photos from eating in Bangkok and throughout Thailand.

      But as this?blog?has grown, it’s transformed?into a complete?resource where you can discover authentic?Thai recipes (many of them from my mother in-law) and delicious Thai restaurants.

      It’s great to meet you, and I’m happy you love Thai food as much as I do!

      – Mark (more about me here)

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      authentic Thai food
      Giant grilled river prawns in Ayutthaya, Thailand

      How to navigate eatingthaifood.com

      Eatingthaifood.com is a Thai food blog and resource about all things having to do with Thai food in Thailand.

      I’ll just quickly explain the sections of this website so you can navigate it easier and?find what you’re looking for.

      Also, keep in mind there’s a search box on the homepage, and it works pretty well, if you’re looking for something specific.

      Here are the main sections and types of posts you’ll find:

      Also, once you’re on a post you’ll easily be able to navigate through other posts via the search box, or by browsing the the sections and categories.

      Search by City in Thailand:

      If you’re visiting or living in Thailand, here are the main cities where I’ve eaten, and some of the best Thai restaurant suggestions in the main cities:

      Thai food inspiration:

      Here are some of my favorite Thai food posts:

      Thai recipes
      Authentic Thai recipes

      Authentic Thai recipes

      Traveling and eating through Thailand, I’ve learned a variety of regional Thai recipes, especially Thai street food style recipes.

      Also, many of the recipes on eatingthaifood.com are directly from?my mother in-law, who happens to be one of the best cooks in Thailand (at least I think so) and who cooks for me just about everyday I’m home in Bangkok.

      If you’re ready to cook Thai food the way it tastes in Thailand, start exploring these?recipes.

      Here are a few of the top recipes:

      Click here to see all recipes.

      best Thai food
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      Thank you!

      Lastly, I just want to say thank you and welcome to eatingthafood.com.

      I’m happy you’re here and ready to eat, cook, and discover more Thai food.

      If you have any questions about anything related to Thai food, I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me here, leave me a comment on any blog post, and?check out my FAQ’s section.

      Also, just quickly wanted to let you know I blog all about Thai food here on eatingthaifood.com, but I also have a travel food blog at migrationology.com?which also covers outside of Thailand.

      Nice to?meet you and I look forward to connecting with you more,

      Mark Wiens

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